Healthy Living Classes

Classes offered at the Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program are located at the Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center in Rochester, Minn. Healthy Living classes complement our wellness services and can broaden your skills in physical activity, nutrition and resiliency.

  • Learn nutritious cooking methods from our executive wellness chef and registered dietitian nutritionists in the state-of-the-art participation kitchen. Healthy menus and recipes change monthly.
  • Enhance stretching, ease tension and create space for relaxation with a yoga class.
  • Improve your core strength and flexibility with a Pilates class taught by our certified instructors.
  • Experience a total body workout with a suspension training class.
  • Burn calories without exercising in our NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) class.
  • Learn the latest stress management techniques during a meditation class.
  • Increase your energy by learning how to improve your sleep environment.

Our Healthy Living class schedule changes monthly.
May class schedule
June class schedule

Class descriptions and pricing.

A healthy lifestyle includes the connection between your medical care and well care. Healthy Living classes can help you continue your “practice” of living a life of good health.

Healthy Living classes are available to all who are interested in improving their wellness, including the broader public, Mayo Clinic patients, travel companions and Mayo Clinic employees.


*Additional classes are not included in our wellness services cost. Please note that Healthy Living classes are self-pay and not insurance-based.