The Healthy Living Plan

The Healthy Living Plan is geared toward improving your health and quality of life. We understand that the journey to wellness is personal. Your family history, your likes and dislikes, your strengths, and your quirks are all your own. You need a wellness program that is all your own too. We start your personalized wellness journey the moment you contact us

The Healthy Living Plan includes three phases

Pre-visit: First you’ll participate in an online wellness assessment where we’ll collect health information including your current activity levels, eating habits you record through a food journal, sleep patterns and your overall wellness goals. Gathering this information early helps our Mayo Clinic experts understand your personal wellness goals and unique health attributes.

Beginning with this level of personalization ensures that you’ll receive a customized experience and an individualized plan to help you achieve your wellness goals.

On-site: Our welcoming staff will greet you and connect you with your personal wellness coach. The onsite program includes a comprehensive health assessment. If your assessment reveals any urgent or emerging medical issues, we will coordinate your care with Mayo Clinic specialists.

Your four-day onsite experience will include:

  • One-on-one sessions with your wellness coach to begin building your individualized wellness plan.
  • Hands-on learning opportunities in small group sessions conducted by Mayo Clinic experts including physicians, certified physical therapists, exercise specialists, resiliency specialists, registered dietitian nutritionists and an executive wellness chef.
  • Core and elective sessions tailored  to your specific interests and goals that align with your Healthy Living Plan.

Healthy Living Plan four-day onsite experience sample schedule.

Post-visit: You’ll return home with a personalized wellness plan that combines your on-site learning and information you’ll need to accomplish goals and sustain your new lifestyle. The support you receive after your on-site visit is the most important part of the Healthy Living Plan. You'll receive:

  • Contact with your wellness coach, either by phone or online, for six months after you return home to help further support your wellness plan.
  • Continued access to Mayo Clinic Healthy Living online: an exclusive suite of digital tools specifically designed to support your life-long wellness journey.

We're offering the four-day Healthy Living Plan at a price of $2,900.*

*Optional add-on services are priced individually.