The Healthy Weight Plan

Eat less, move more, right? If only it really were that simple. Dropping pounds is a difficult task, especially when you’re going it alone.

Mayo Clinic experts in weight management and behavior change have spent decades trying to help individuals develop weight loss plans that actually work. We’ve taken that knowledge and applied it to the Healthy Weight Plan.

How is this program different? We’ve paired the proven tactics from the #1 New York Times bestselling book, The Mayo Clinic Diet, with a focused two-day session at the newly opened Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program, a state-of-the-art wellness facility in Rochester, Minn. And because we understand the difficulty of sticking with new behaviors while managing life’s demands, we include a year’s worth of remote support to help you keep it off for good.

You’ll leave knowing you have a strong connection to your Mayo Clinic team who will continue to support you on your journey when you’re back home. Your team will help you stay motivated and on track.

The Healthy Weight Plan includes

An immediate jump start at home

  • Immediate interaction with the team that developed the tactics in The Mayo Clinic Diet book
  • Expert guidance and personal support through the book’s “Lose it!” phase
  • Access to a secure website and integrated physical activity and weight monitoring devices to help guide and monitor your progress

Intensive two-day experience at the Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program

  • Complete wellness assessment
  • Personal wellness coach who will partner with you to create a comprehensive weight loss plan tailored just for you
  • Hands-on cooking skills with our executive chef, and individualized education on physical activity and equipment
  • Learn barrier-busting strategies, gaining resilience to get you through the ups and downs of weight loss
  • Change your relationship with food with mindful eating techniques
  • Work through past challenges with weight loss and embrace new wellness goals in a supportive, non-judging environment
  • Two days – a Friday and Saturday – at the Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center in Rochester, Minn.

One year of follow up support to boost success

  • 12 months of telephone and email coaching with your personal wellness coach
  • Monthly web conferences to extend your connection to the wellness experts at Mayo Clinic

Healthy Weight Plan two-day onsite experience sample schedule.

Contact us to learn more about whether The Healthy Weight Plan is right for you. 

You can submit a secure online form or call us at 507-293-2933.  

The two-day Healthy Weight Plan price begins at $1,900.*

*Optional add-on services are priced individually. If you maintain a Health Savings Account (HSA), you may be able to submit expenses associated with your participation in the Healthy Weight Plan to your HSA for reimbursement if prescribed by or recommended by your physician for a specific medical condition such as heart disease, hypertension or obesity. Please refer to your HSA document for more information on how to obtain reimbursement. The Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program will provide you with a statement verifying that you paid for expenses associated with the Healthy Weight Plan.