Wellness Coaching

As part of the Healthy Living Plan, you’ll be assigned a Mayo Clinic wellness coach. As a first step, you’ll complete a wellness assessment, allowing your wellness coach to get to know you even before you arrive. Having an understanding of your strengths, your preferences and your unique challenges allows your wellness coach to better guide your future health goals.

The science of wellness coaching

Research involving Mayo Clinic Wellness Coaching showed that the majority of participants experienced improvements in overall quality of life and social activity, as well as mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.  Read more about the science behind wellness coaching.

Wellness coaching

While on-site, you and your wellness coach work together to design an individualized wellness plan. Your wellness coach helps you incorporate the knowledge you gain during your on-site experience, ensuring that you return home with a wellness plan that meets your needs and helps you achieve your goals.

Ongoing support

We recognize that the real work begins once you return home and settle into your own environment. Former unhealthy habits may become tempting distractions. However, you’ve chosen to be on this journey for a lifetime, so the support your wellness coach offered on-site does not end when you leave Rochester. Your coach provides six months of ongoing support as you work to implement your individualized wellness plan.